Alias Smith and Jones

Alias Smith and Jones

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry used to rob banks, but the now they have a deal with the Governor. If they can stay out of trouble for a year, he might see clear to grant them amnesty for all the crimes they’ve committed. Trouble is, in the mean time, they’re still wanted men.

Western bromance with a side order of angst and humor – it’s Alias Smith and Jones.

Need to catch up on the show? The entire series is now streaming on Hulu.

Gen Novella

For Those Who Tame Wild Horses is my epic novel that begins with Heyes having to decide between Curry’s life and going to prison. Once that decision is made, he gets another chance to regain their freedom, but to do it, they’ll have to sell their soul to a woman who could be either angel or devil.

I’m very proud of this work. I think it might be my best piece of fan fiction.

Book One: Whatever House I May Enter

Book Two: Comfort’s In Heaven

Book Three: Reproof of Chance

 Gen Fic

The Haunting of Jedediah Curry

6 thoughts on “Alias Smith and Jones

  1. You should be proud of For Those Who Tame Wild Horses, JD Sampson; it’s an awesome story of Heyes and Curry. You have their characteristics and speech down pat. One of my all-time favs that I’ve read several times.

    And is The Haunting of Jedediah Curry new? First time I’ve seen it. Excellent!

    Looking forward to you playing more with the boys! Welcome back – you’ve been missed!

    • No, they’re all older stories. Just now trying to get going on a new piece so we’ll see if I can pick up the voices again. It’s tricky! Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Found your site a long time ago, but lost it. So glad I stumbled back here again! Just sobbed by way through “The Haunting of Jedediah Curry.” Great tale!

  3. I was almost afraid to read this story, I am glad that I did. The deep hurt, the pain and the love & comfort between them is very haunting. It is a wonderful story. Thank you.

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