The Hardy Boys

Frank and Joe Hardy go from teen sleuths to undercover agents for the Justice Department. The TV tales might be tame, but that’s what fanfic is for. I bump things up a notch in the sex and violence department but it’s all in the name of good, clean, brotherly angst.

Caught in a dangerous “teen dream” – it’s The Hardy Boys!

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To Wash it White as Snow: When an undercover assignment goes wrong and Joe is badly hurt, Frank thinks long and hard about his association with the Justice Dept. Then the suspect comes back for revenge and Frank must bear the weight of his brother’s blood on his own hands.

House of Cards: Frank’s looking for a change which includes an illicit night on the beach with a girl he just met in Mexico. Unfortunately for him, his dream date turns into a horrible nightmare for him and his whole family.

A Cavern Dark Enough: When Frank suddenly turns violent, it’s up to Joe, Fenton and an old friend to find out who is programming old classmates to kill.

Liars’ Club: A vacation at the beach turns into a nightmare when Frank and Joe discover that one of their friends is willing to kill in order to expose a liar.



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