Gemini Man

After starring in Alias Smith and Jones and Griff, Ben Murphy went on to star in a reboot of the Invisible Man series. Titled Gemini Man, Ben played Sam Casey, and Intersect agent who is irradiated when he’s caught in an underwater bomb blast. The radiation causes him to become invisible (clothes and all).

Girl genius Abby figures out how to stabilize Sam with a faux watch that corrects his DNA. Sam can use the unit to blink on and off as long as he doesn’t go invisible for more than 15 minutes a day.

The show is from the late seventies and is in that corny superhero mode that was so popular. Still, I enjoy Ben’s role in the series and was inspired to write a more serious take on the show.

Dr. Casey and Mr. Hyde

After a year of wearing the stabilizer, Sam begins to exhibit side effects that include paranoia and rage. When he gets too aggressive with his new, dolphin trainer girlfriend, he goes to Abby for help. But how can he trust the woman who loves him more than he loves her.

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