The Dirty Dozen

In 1988, Fox ran with a TV series of the famous movie The Dirty Dozen.

It starred Ben Murphy as Lt. Danko, the leader of a WWII Suicide Squad made up of convicts.

Some of the regulars included Jon Tenney (The Closer) as Feke, John D’Aquino (Corey in the House) as Lebec, and John Slattery (Mad Men) as the forger Leeds.

Oh, and The New Adventures of Robin Hood star John Bradley as Farrell, the wannabe movie star.

The show didn’t last long and it had it’s faults, but it’s a heck of a buddy show and hey, it’s Ben Murphy!

It’s also my current fannish obsession (well, anything Ben Murphy.)

After reading the fabulous Snowbird series by Maureen Webster, I got inspired to write a saga of my own. I don’t usually do epic soap operas, but there’s something about WWII that always leads me to after the war fic.

So, here you have my WIP “To the Last Gasp.” It will eventually be made up of three parts. Click the link to learn more.

Here are a couple of clips from the show: (The woman in the St. Luc video plays into my story)


2 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen

  1. Anything Ben Murphy is GOOD! Love all your Ben Murphy fanfiction. Alias Smith and Jones, The Gemini Man and especially THe Dirty Dozen. I need more so I can get my fix 🙂 Thanks for writing them. I do hope you plan to write more.

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