Supernatural: Round and Round (Unsplash Fic)

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I got my start as a writer by writing fan fiction. It was the perfect way to combine my love of words with my love of TV. Fan fiction led to me some amazing experiences and introduced me to my best friends. I stopped writing fan fic many years ago for a number of reasons – the biggest one being a lack of inspiration. Then came along with all those incredible, free to use photos. I find them so inspiring that I decided to use my favorites as story prompts.

The first image is one I love so much, I use it in the header of my blog – it’s a sweet, candy-colored Ferris Wheel that reminds me of my childhood days on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ.

From that image, to this micro-fic starring two of my favorite TV brothers; Sam and Dean Winchester.


Round and Round

There was nothing sinister about it, unless you were afraid of heights or had an aversion to pretty pastel colors. The Ferris wheel wasn’t old or abandoned. It was freshly painted and with two exceptions, all of the lightbulbs on the spokes were in working order. The swinging seats were occupied by people of all ages and sizes including a few who probably shouldn’t chance it. And there was a line of a dozen more riders waiting their turn.

The Ferris wheel was trapped in between a wild bobsled ride and scrambler; both of which had the ability to leave you walking sideways for ten minutes after the ride. Both polluting the sea air with jarring music and human screams. No one ever screamed on a Ferris Wheel. Dean was worried that he might be the first but he’d faced his fears before. He could face this.

“What exactly happened here?” Sam asked as he eyed the burgeoning boardwalk crowd.

“Not here, exactly. I just thought we’d get a better view from up top.” Dean started toward the line but Sam didn’t move.

“View of what?”

“The area,” Dean snapped back then he waved for his brother to come on already.

Sam joined him in line right behind two teenage girls.

Sam looked up at the top car which was swinging in the wind while the attendent unloaded and loaded the car at the bottom of the wheel. “You’re afraid of heights.”

The teen girls turned around. “Really?” said the shorter of the two.

“No,” Dean whined then winced at the unconvincing tone in his own voice. “Move up,”

The girls turned around then stepped forward to fill the now empty space in front of them.

“Why are we here, Dean?”

“Civilians, Sammy,” Dean whispered then nodded toward the girls.

The line moved again and the teens climbed into a green car with an octopus on the side. They waved at Dean then sailed up into the night. The Winchesters were next.

Dean handed the tickets to the attendant then squirmed and shifted as the wheel went around and around. The teens passed and waved twice, then the wheel stopped and the attendant opened the door to a pink car with a mermaid on the side.

“Watch your step. Put on your seat belts and no standing once the car is in motion.” The boy mumbled for the 2,154th time since he’d taken the job.

Sam climbed in first, then Dean. The car swayed forward as they settled back in their seats. Restraints. Door latched. And we’re off.

The car swung out toward the bobsled ride then rose up and out. Half way to the top if felt like they were hanging on nothing; sea breeze in the face, the noise from below fading. It was like falling upward. Dean didn’t like it.

“Seriously, Dean. Why are we here? Clearly this isn’t a crime scene. If there’s paranormal activity, it’s not stopping anyone from having a good time.”

“We’ve seen that before. All fun and games and then wham.”

Wham. The wheel jolted to a stop. Dean grabbed the side and Sam. Then quickly released both. If one bolt came loose, they’d plummet to their deaths likely taking out the people in the car below and certainly killing everyone in the bobsled line.

Clang. Chug. They were on the move again. Up and up and over the top. The down side was fast. On past the attendant and up the other side again. Sam was looking out over the pier to the ocean which was just visible thanks to a full moon. He was smiling. An expression Dean hadn’t seen once in the past few months.

The wheel stopped again and this time they were at the tippy top. You could really feel the wind up here and that, or maybe Dean’s nerves was making the car swing more than before.

“I like it up here,” said Sam.

“That’s because you’re so freaking tall,” said Dean. That made no sense but. . . “I’m glad.”

Sam glanced at his brother, his brows tilted in on each other in a quizzical stare, then he turned his gaze back to the ocean. “We don’t see a lot of paranormal activity near the ocean. I wonder if it’s because of the salt.”

“Could be.”

“Nothing happened here.” Sam said into the air.

The wheel chugged like it was going to start again but didn’t move. “I just thought you’d like it.”

Now Sam did turn to look at his brother. “Knowing how much you hate heights. . . that’s . . . wow.” Sam turned away again.

The wheel kachunked and this time it turned, The car moved backwards which was just as unnerving as the upward free-fall and again Dean grabbed on to the side.

“I never. . . this wasn’t. . . . ” The music and screams from the scrambler grew loud enough to drown out the rest of what Dean was saying. That’s what he hoped Sam would think. He kept moving his mouth just in case his brother should look his way but Sam didn’t.

The break caught the car and the attendant went into his spiel. Watch your step. Grab your belongings, move quickly but safely and exit to the left.

The brothers exited to the left. Dean first, then Sam caught up and passed him.

“I’m still going back to Stanford,” Sam said then he melted into the crowd.

Round and round.

Dean followed and kicked himself only slightly for hoping a vengeful spirit would go on a spree before the week was out.

Round and round.

The End

One thought on “Supernatural: Round and Round (Unsplash Fic)

  1. YAY!! you ficced again 😀

    I love the boys got stuck in a pink car with a mermaid and the girls had a green one with tentacles lol for some reason that makes me weirdly happy lol

    so does this, I mean yeah there’s the melancholy that Sam’s still going to Stanford and all, but Dean doing this to make Sam smile and make him happy just made me all’ awww Dean’ Putting his fear behind him, just to make his brother smile.

    and the point you made about the paranormal activity near the sea, made me realize that they really haven’t investigated much near the sea at all have they. I mean there was the ghost ship…but not much else.

    So glad to see you writing again 😀

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